Necessary to hold onto my level I schweser books for L2?

Hey Guys, Passed the level I exam in June 09, using schweser notes and practice exams for the majority of my studying. I find these books so much more useful than the books from the CFA Institute and definitely plan on buying another package from schweser for Level II. My question is if its necessary/recommended to hold onto these books for level II? I assume the new schweser books will contain everything I need to know, but will I ever need to look back to the L1 books again? I just now I can make about 200 bucks off of ebay, so that is tempting since it’ll help pay for the next set of books. What have you guys done? Thanks Dave

The only potential overlap I can think of is FR&A where they have the synthesis of Financial Statement Analysis which requires you to understand and apply in more detail all of level one FR&A topics like leases / balance sheet debt etc. Might be a good idea to refresh your knowledge of Statement Analysis before trying level 2 FR&A

Would be good idea to go over Leases , Bond accounting. Ethics-No Econ- only Forex currency stuff. I took it L1 in 2007 & Forex was part of L1 @ that time. FSA - Leases & Bond amortization/accounting & more stuff .So yes. Derivatives - No. AI - NO Equity- covered in much detail in level 2- So you won’t have to refer to level1. PM - Covered everything in level2. FI- yes. Again for Bonds, duration etc.

You should review (as a minimum) leases and capitalized interest, bonds, yield curves, duration and foreign exchange from L1 in preparation of L2. The rest, you can nevertheless treat the L2 topics as new materials.