Need 1 More: Elan Level I Essential Prep Package 25% Discount

Looking for one more person to add to our group for the 25% group discount on the Elan Level 1 Essential Prep Package.

Anyone who is interested please post your elan ID so that I can email our information.

Hello. I am interested in the package. My username is: jaime4101 .


If you still need a third, I would like to join your group. My username is chris.danehy6796


Hi Jaime4101 and tinymrd,

Are you sitting for the June or December 2012 test?

December 2012 for me. Just starting the process.

Great! I am going to try and get everyone in (all four of us) as soon as I hear back from Jaime4101.

Yes, I am going to do December 2012 test.

Info sent to Elan this morning so look for their communication to get the discount!

Thanks for pulling everything together. Just to confirm, so Elan will email us when the discount is available on our account?

I think so… I’ve not received an email yet

Yes, they said they would inform everyone is our group.

I have not received an email from Elan but the discount is now showing when you place the essential prep package in your cart! Get your orders in!

Email from Elan sent out to group members.


I’ve purchased the package with the discount.

Thank you guys! Good luck!

Just ordered mine. Thanks for organizing!