need a boost - red bull indeed gives u wings

wow this stuff really works! i feel sooo alert

aladak - Try this too… Red Bull used to work for me at L1, now I am immuned to it so went for the upper version -XS This one has 4900% Vitamin B12… You can go on for days and days… haha!

Red bull doesn’t do it for me anymore either. Cocaine works pretty well, but the taste isn’t for everyone.

I’ve been mixing rb with V8 fusion - its a nice healthy mix of fruits, vegetables and crack.

I usually use monster… has a lot of stuff in it including a shiAt load of sugar

I mentioned energy drinks a few days ago and everyone got on my case and was like, “I only drink water.” I mean c’mon! Just had some Monster Chaos - Red Bull is classic, will have before the PM session. And not that I’d advocate trying anything new too close to the exam, but Five-Hour Energy shot works! Not as much caffeine as the other drinks and no crash. I’ll worry about detoxing after Saturday…

“Always” gives u wings too… :x

lo-carb monster is the tops

Dapper425 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > lo-carb monster is the tops Never had but prob b/c of the low/no sugar? Sugar is what causes the crash for the most part on these things, but sugar is essential to brain function. My view is who cares about crashing AFTER the exam.