need a confidence boost plz :(

sumz…you and me are in the exact same boat… we should talk !

Average breakdown of my CFA mocks’ results: Ethics - 58% QM - 71% Eco - 79% FSA - 69% CF - 65% equity - 63% Deriv - 25% (I know it’s the worst!) FI - 67% AI - 50% PM- 83% ITAdmin - scfa09 at gmail dot com. get intouch :slight_smile:

sumz, Actually your scores are pretty good. Nail some ethics and equity exams and your solid. Derivatives is important, but I would make sure your ethics score is around the low 80s if possible. Honestly with a week left, i’d be surprised if you didn’t nail the exam to the wall right above your charter :wink:

thanks a bunch, cfacowtown! your optimism is what is keeping L1 forum alive these days :slight_smile:

sumz, from your breakdown, you’re not doing too bad! If you think about it, how much of the exam is Quants, Econ and FSA? almost 50% of the exam, and you’re averaging over 70 in those 3 topics! Equity and FI scores are hovering in the mid 60’s which is not too bad, you still have a few days to churn out another 200-300 questions on these to boost up those scores. Derivatives & AI account for only what, 8% of the exam? Focus more on pushing up your scores on Ethics :slight_smile: You’re in good shape. You’ll hear a lot of people saying they were scoring mid 60’s and passed level 1 quite easily. Just get some rest the day before the exam to keep your find fresh and ready to go and i’m sure things will work out. Goodluck!

sumz, Since we are closer to the exam day, what i would like to do is concentrate on Ethics,Quant,FRA, PM(easy points), and Asset valuation. Focus on this mostly, this is what iam doing. Derivatives, AI, Econ go thru( never neglect any section) but not at the cost of highly weighted sections. Last but not least is, fight till the end. we all will be just fine.

you will all pass including me

: )

Watch Rocky series :stuck_out_tongue: , i have never tried it but i’ve heard it works for many guys . Can try October Sky , worked for me when i was in high school :smiley: !

watch youtube videos of Tony Robbins, Vince Lombardi, and Randy Pausch’s Time Management