need a help

Hi All, I have cleared level1 in Dec, 2009. Today I was just searching my result score card (I mean the result with performance, which comes on CFA website on result date) but could not able to fidn it. I had saved it some where but not able to find it and unfortunately even on CFA site they had removed it as they dont give result for more than 1 year. Though I remember my score in each of 10 segment but don’t know what was the format of the score card. So those who have cleared Level1 either in June’10 or before and have saved their score card or atleast for June’10 they can view it on CFA website, could any1 of you please send me the result format (either here or by personal mail at my mail id I just need the format. I mean what CFA publish in result. if any1 wanto to hide his/her privacy no problem , he/she just removed her enroll id from result, and from performance score, CFA ppl put * in range which you scored…you can also removed those *. I wont mind. I really need it and I checked with CFA people, they won’t send me now my performance scored card even if I want. So please some1 help me and either publish here the complete result format or mail be on my email id. Thanks

If i saved mine i would send it to you. I am just curious why do you need this? You already know how well you did… I am almost sure that using it a manner that hints superiority over other passers is an ethics violation… All you should be claiming is that you passed…for that you can get a letter from CFA…I did…

I was applying for one of the job and they required to submit the CFA result. Thats why I urgently needed it. Thanks