Need a pep talk

Guys…I have hit a motivational wall.

I’ve been through the readings for awhile now. Have been severly hampered by house hunting with my wife (bad living situtation right now where we are, so must GTFO as soon as possible). I know this stuff is coming at the wrong time, but I can’t do anything about it.

I’m trying to do QBank next week or two and then hit mocks hard. I just feel so behind, even though I’ve done readings. Haven’t been diligent about studies lately, and have the 'it’s too late to ‘get this’ attitude. I just feel like it’s a lost cause. Looking for some peeps in the same situation who have pulled it off. I REALLY don’t want to take this effer again next June!

stop being a pussy

Holy balls. Hey, go back to the L1 forum and worry about your own exam son.

I thought you needed motivation brah

Yeah, something like that.

You are past the point of taking days off to clear your head. Either start killing it TONIGHT, or just let yourself off the hook and spare yourself the agony of the hard work without the passing result. Probably not the rah rah you want to hear, but that’ swhere you are.

don’t need rah rah necessarily. Just that it can be done. I’ve put in hours…about 350 to 375 thus far, it’s just that it’s tailed off at the wrong time…the last month or so.

350 to 375 hours? Well, that changes things. I got the impression that you were still just getting started. You’ll be fine, just take it easy.

I think ALOT of people are in a similar situation - I know I def am! Keep thinking I don’t want to do this AGAIN next year & have a plan of (x, y, mocks, blah blah), but then feel like it’s a lost cause and I’m too behind…so just hang in there and keep at it! However, like someone said above, either commit to it today/tomm OR just stop b/c from here on out, it’ll only get worse, so either go 100% or just grab that drink and go back to the “good ole days” (should really listen to my own advice!)

So until about a 4days ago I thought this was all too much. But only recently after re-reading and doing some qbank on fra and equity have I started to get a smidgen of confidence back.

Lots of people are in the same position. All I would say is keep to your plan…qbank, then mocks. The wife can surely house hunt by herself…she’s not chained to you?

mmy mate stag do is this weekend and the wedding is the day before the exam!! So we’re both I a pickle, lots of us are! Push through! You’re not alone man…we’re here for you. That’s why we a community here.

You going to that wedding? And are you going to be drinking?

For L1, my wife’s sister’s wedding was the day before the exam. I skipped it and everyone understood. Also it was in a different city to the exam so I had an extra reason. Pretty shitty situation but had to be done.

I’m not going to be drinking…Plan is to get there for the wedding, say congrats, do some mingling and then head home.

It’s not too far from where I live thank goodness.

I’m in the same situation - I’m in the process of buying a house, too. I was a week out from closing on one April 12 when we decided to walk because of a repair that the seller’s wouldn’t make. Since then, we’ve looked at a couple other places and have found one. The way we did it, which is the way Pokhim suggested, is that the fiance went to look at it yesterday and gave me the nod (as she’s far more picky), and I set aside 30 minutes to go see it today. We may draw up papers tonight which will result in a late night for me because, at this point, I prioritize studying - it gets done no matter what. House-hunting is manageable at this stage. We were planning to move to that house we were closing on and, in attempt to work around my studying, I packed ONE box (or two if I was feeling ambitious) every night for several weeks. No 6 hour-Saturdays and Sundays spent packing. We have a lot of shit and we got pretty far in the packing process and were probably on pace to finish in time…weekends I may have done two or three boxes per day. I get that your situation sounds more urgent than mine, but the process from offer to closing takes weeks no matter what, it’s not going to be quick.

There’s a way to get around life events like buying a house if you’re serious about this and your wife is willing to work with you as a team. No excuses, play like a champion. It sounds like some long days are ahead of you, if you’re serious.


VAR_99, pretty much everyone hits that proverbial wall at one point or another. That levels the playing field.

Most of us are in the same boat: we have partners, jobs, taxes to pay, homes to buy or maintain or renovate, friends who need help, etc. Slowing down at one point doesn’t take you out of the race, because it happens to almost everyone else in that race. What matters is that you don’t slow down to the point of stalling.

How bad is your living arrangement? With only 39 days to the exam, any chance you and your wife could buckle up for another 40 days and start house hunting on June2? I’m sure if it was that easy you would already have done it, but it’s worth giving it another thought. This exam is only once a year, the housing market is evergreen.

With 350 hours in, you are clearly serious about this and have good work ethic. Just take a deep breath, put your social life in parenthesis for a few weeks, remember why you’re doing this, think how great it will feel if/when you pass… and hit those practice tests! Hit them hard :slight_smile:

I would strongly suggest taking some time completely away from the program, relax, sort out some life stuff and come back fresh in a week.

You seem to have a really good base already, I only have 130 hours in. So I think you can afford yourself a couple of days or a week to refocus. I think by the end of it you will feel hungry to dive in, if not maybe this isn’t the time to do it like hector said.

Thanks for the feeback guys/gals. It def helps the motivation!

To answer one’s question about ‘how bad’ the living situtation is…multitiple police visits to the upstairs neighbor, front door and back door attempting to be kicked in, car stolen, etc…so it’s BAD! Anyway, it is what it is until we find a house.

Just the timing sucks of this mess, but I am committed to giving it hell until June 1. I just remember feeling so much more on top of L1 material (then again, it’s probably b/c it’s way easier!). L1 seems like a cake walk compared to the L2 stuff, at least some areas. SS6 is a effin’ bear, for example.

Nothing to do but put my head down and go all out till exam day…

Your wife’s safety is your top priority.

you have 39 days left, try to keep it together and put in about 200 more hours and you’ll be set.

Tell yourself that you’ll commit yourself because the next time you’re touching CFA material after June is for Level 3.

Repeat and you’ll pull through.

Haaa. Part of concuring the exam is convincing yourself that it does not have control of you. You need pick yourself up by the bootstraps and march into that exam room with confidence and a clear head. No reason to panic and give in to the CFA gods. Every other candidate feels underprepared and everyone walks out unsure of themselves. Just relax a bit.