Need a ruling Frankie

Is she a HCB? She is from Canada. Safe for work.;_ylt=A0PDoTGbFHFP.WYAEhKJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?

Wait, I’m sure I know her from somewhere.

That’s the Hot for Words chick, isn’t it? If so, she is definitely is a HCB.

That girl wishes she were Hot for Words

i have to see her in motion and answer a few questions on world affairs, philosophy, history, economics, family etc before i can answer…what talents does she have?

A blonde asian?

“ich don’t think so”


Hmm… Hot for Words chick Marina looks like she may have been partying a little too hard lately (looks like the original photo is not Marina, but a close look-alike). However, she’s still hot and has that giggly way of talking that is strangely adorable to guys (or at least me), but you can see just the first traces of the bloom starting to come off the rose.

Fortunately, she is interesting to listen to, which counts for a lot. And she can fade quite a bit and still be hot.

Now it looks like she is giving Russian lessons. Privet, Marinichka!

she has a dick. Definitely NOT a HCB

She has a pound of meat between the legs, or it was surgically removed, but still, a dude is a dude no matter what. I’m retired from the dating scene but it has to be disturbing to hit on some chick and at some point find there’s a *presence* down there that shouldn’t be there. Fuuuuuu …. I’ll be right back, I just need to throw up my breakfast.

Some M-F TVs and TGs can be surprisingly attractive. They tend to know what things press guys’ buttons better than many normal women do, and many times, they have fewer qualms about pushing them. Even ordinary women sometimes acknowledge this. I’ve seen regular women openly wish they could be as feminine and beautiful as some TG they see.

Personally, I’m not brave enough to go there, but there’s no shame in being fooled by a photo.

Stop hanging out at bowling alleys.

hahaha I wanted to stop you guys and tell you it’s actually a man, but it was too damn funny !

Actually, it was an attractive Brazilian woman, commenting on a Brazilian male transvestite. She was very impressed with the way he brushed back his long hair and said “oh, I wish I could learn to do it like that.” She also loved his skin, apparently.

Anyway, my expressed vote was for Marina on Hot for Words. With the caveat that her earlier stuff was better.

This is what scares me from potentially dating any chick that may look cute, but has any slight hint of masculine qualities. Could be a more defined jaw, or broader shoulders etc… but imagine the horror of dating someone and then finding out it was a man… my god. that’s forever scarring.

so the ruling is she is a man…oh well…

Not exactly. She was a man. Now she is genotypically male, but anatomically female.

I actually know a few people from my childhood and early adolescence that have become transgendered. One was someone I worked with who went M->F, which is wierd to me, because I remember when she was talking about going on dates and wondering whether she would “get lucky.” I don’t know if now - as a woman - she prefers to be with men or women.

The other was someone I went to high school with, and that person went F->M. That was actually a more interesting case, because I think that F->M TG is a rarer choice and I don’t think I’ve encountered that many of them, socially. I also kinda liked her when she was a her (in high school), so it’s strange to think of her as a him now.

One of the interesting things that my F->M friend said was how hormones change your perspective on things. He basically said that once you start dosing up on testosterone, virtually all F->M transsexuals go through at least 6 months where they are fantastically promiscuous, often crude, hit on anything, and become pretty insensitive a**holes. And these people were often big feminists before the operation and hormones. After a while, they calm down a bit, which I interpret as a sign that as guys, our desire to be jerks is hormonal, but our ability to control our impulses and be decent folk is essentially learned behavior. Few ordinary women give us any credit for this, preferring to brush off our protests of “we can’t help it” when we look at other women walking by as just BS excuses, but all the evidence from female-to-male transgender assignment suggests that once you start dosing up women with testosterone, they can’t help it either.

So this person is now male and has a woman partner. So she went from being a straight woman to a gay woman to a straight man. It definitely twists your mind around.

I’m glad I’ve never had any real gender identity issues. It sounds like really painful stuff to deal with.

you know way too much about this topic…i don’t like that type of uncertainty…volatility in this case matters…

I nominate bchad for “The Most Interesting Man in the World” award.

Yea I agree with Frank, that’s way too much information.