Need a SQL crash course (online?) - where do I start?

I have a 4-7 days to go from novice-level SQL to intermediate-level SQL.

Can anyone recommend a good (online) course?

What exactly is intermediate? I learned what I use in sql in like a day or two. It’s not that complex of a syntax if you just are querying stuff.

Yeah, this would be limited to querying stuff for purposes of corporate finance/financial analyst roles (6 YOE). I got the impression that I don’t have to “impress” the interviewer with my SQL knowledge, just at least show I’m in the game.

I googled this as a good acid-test - how to get 90% of these?

just go all out on w3 Through reps, youll learn the select-from-where and its derivatives very quickly and you will be able to pass for a more experienced user in a week.


Already did that class. I want something more expansive, not necessarily more breadth, but a higher quantity of practice questions and problem sets.