need advice folks

i haven’t been studying well, i regret the day i registered to take weekly courses (unlike l1) since they’re taking a lot of my time and i feel im gonna fail badly!! the program ends early may and we still haven’t covered alternative, FSA and portfolio. Plus when we finish the program, i would have only 3 weeks to do some probs which i think is not enough for l2!! do i sit for the exam even though logically its almost impossible to pass this year??

Definitely sit the exam,I worked hard last year and came away with a band 9,thinking I was prepared,the exam had was a real experience. if you are not as prepared as you would like to be, the pressure may be off, you may luck out and get through, but due to the lack of decent past papers I feel the exam itself is part of the learning/studying experience…if you are better prepared, you will know what to expect if you do have to take it again.

ask for your money back - it’s total horsesh*t that they don’t pace the class well enough to prepare you for the exam.

Are you in the NYSSA class

I would take the test just on the off chance that I could guess enough questions right to be able to pass.

If you don’t pass l2, you certainly won’t be alone. However, the experience is valuable and, if you’re serious about it, you’ll take what you learned and apply it 2nd time around. I hate to say this, but I’m almost glad I didn’t pass my first try. I certainly didn’t “know” the material like I do now, and I was just trying to scrape by.

thanks guy!! i will sit for the exam after all even though i lost hope to pass it this time. hope i get lucky:P

Ya man you definately gotta sit…if nothing else, it will prep you for next year. Also, don’t count yourself out. You’ve been through most of the material and still have a month and a half left. Power through the rest of the material then spend the next week or two with nonstop problems and practice exams - you might surpise yourself.