need advice for the last week(really)

ok so i have been really good at all the sections of the practiCe exams except ethics.and i have been scoring between 80-85% on all sections except ethics… here are my scores from the last 3 papers(from sections other than ethics) cfai mock 13- morning-85% afternoon-75% kaplan exam volume 2,paper 1- morning-82% afternoon-85% cfai mock 12 dnt remember exactly but around 80% now my problems are: what do i do about ethics? i have read 5 outta 7 standards but dnt remember much i have left some readings in other sections(like credit rating in bonds,last chapter of FRA,a few topics here and there in econ etc)-i didnt leave them actually but studied them through kaplan and did EOC questions? how do i tackle em? when i first began solving papers my scores were 70% and than i revised a little my scores shot till 80%…is it because their is some overlap and questions sometimes repeat…so what i marked wrong beforehand am doing it right now…is it cos i revised or cause of the overlap?

both factors improved the result, when I repeated the same set of questions, I would recall the correct answer without even solving the question sometimes. But the main thing is that you learn from your mistakes and dont repeat them on the exam. About ethics, practice more questions if you can, try to figure out what was wrong or what made you think the wrong answer was right. It would help IMO. Also for ethics, remember that what you think should be right is not always right, i mean that there is a specific set of rules that you need to follow and if you think your thinking contradicts that viewpoint then you are in trouble. Start with the curriculum examples and then do all the EOC’s again and all the schweser questions and the questions from self test. It might help you. All the best,

Study ethics again, and you MUST know rule and regulation, what is mandatory and what is recommended (yes you need to differentiate the two!)

Ethics will make or break you, and it’s the only section you need to know thoughout the whole CFA program, so you need to know it and master it!


If you are scoring 80%+ overall, I don’t think you will have an issue with the actual exam. However, if you are particularly concerned about Ethics, you should do practice questions on that section. You need some degree of intuition to answer most of the Ethics question, and this intuition comes from practice.