Need advice in adjusting my strategy.

I have been using QBank and after taking mock I am a bit worried about the time I may have wasted. I now need to come up with an alternative strategy. I have some material from the last year (I registered for December but did not sit the exam for work related reasons) which is 2009 CFAI samples exams (3 exams in total), Schweser practice exams 2009 (volume 1 and volume 2) and Stalla Practice Exam work book 2009 (3 exams in total). In your opinion should I start with Stalla and CFAI? Should I dump Schweiser? Shell I also buy Elan? I need to come with a plan… I am glad I have realised that QBank no longer a tool in preparation (at least for me). all the best A

update: just purchased Elan. the plan is to start with 2009 CFAI samples followed be Stalla Practice Exam work, then chweser practice exams and elan just before exam. hope this will work

Stalla is better. Dont depend on schweser. Definitely use CFAI mocks and samples. I have no clue about Elan.