Need advice on CAIA job prospects

Hello everyone,

Sorry about the long text, but I really need some advice.

I finished my master’s degree in Business, Economics and Finance this September. And as investment banking is pretty competitive in the UK,I was quite scared to apply for any graduate jobs in this field. I had the opportunity to be recommended for a middle office associate role in State Street based in Poland, and I was very happy to take it, because I thought this would be a great experience as I will be learning a lot and after a few years I can just go back to the UK and get a proper job there.

Now that I have come here,after nearly 2 months of working, although I am learning a lot of new stuff and this has definitely broaden my perspective of the banking world, I feel like after a while,when I learn everything, this job will start to get quite monotonous, as we are not creating anything but basically administrating the trades.

After doing some research, I found out if I stay in the middle office for a while, it would be very difficult to get out of it. And I feel like I am more interested in front office job and jobs that could potentially be related to alternative investments, maybe M&A,research or investment/portfolio management.

So I have enrolled for CAIA 1 in March and thinking of doing the level 2 in Sep, and then start to apply for jobs so that I can get out after a year of experience in the middle office.

I would be grateful if anyone can help.:slight_smile: