Need Advice - Quant Jobs

Hello Everyone, i am working as IT consultant in one of the Finance company. I have close to 10 years of experience. i want to move in quant side of the programming. It will be difficult for me to do the Full time any courses. I gave my CFA II level and waiting for results. I am planning to start the CQF (Certificate in Quantitative Finance). do you guys think i should try for Part time MBA/MFE courses? Or you guys have some thing better in your mind. Please let me know. Thanks, rwithcfa

For what you want to do, MFE over MBA. More specific.

CFA or MBA will be useless for quant jobs. How many quants do you know with either of these? CQF probably does not have enough recognition to be worth your while. An MFE might be worth it, but it will be many times better if you go to a top full time program. Your one-time access to recruitment opportunities will arguably be as important as the degree itself. Also, if you are considering the MBA/CFA route, is there any reason that you are not considering jobs outside of IT/quant? Quant jobs are certainly cushy and relatively stable, but there are many other attractive positions as well.