Need advice ... Thanks

I am running short of time with my prep . Unfortunately , I have just been able to finish my readings from schweser today . But don’t feel like quiting.I know my chances are very bleak ,if any. But still want to put up a respectable fight . Need advice regarding the source i should use for practice apart from book 6 and cfa sample/mock exams . Please help me choose between these sources 1. Schweser Qbank (few questions of each SS) 2. CFA Curriculum end of reading questions (AS many as possible) I will greatly appreciate your inputs . Good Luck

CFA curriculum end of chapter questions, make sure to hit the 2006 exam questions when you see them. try to take as many of the CFA sample exams as you can as well, and sprinkle in as much QBank. Oh yeah, and ORDER special sauce if you don’t have it, it is a great tool. I read it front to back everyday to try to burn things into my brain.

There is a great thread of how to pass L2 in two weeks but I cannot find it on the search function. I thought the author was super1, but I couldn’t find by using search by author. Can someone else find? Good luck.

SuperI thread: magnificent 7

If you have the next 2 weeks off you can still do it: Do all concept checkers at end of schweser. Do difficult level Qs in QBank for topics you find tough. Do Schweser Book 6 practice exams. Book 7 seems to be above difficulty of actual exam, so only do if you have time. Do CFAI mocks. get the big picture concepts right and don’t get bogged down in the detail of obscure LOSs at this stage. if you don’t have the next 2 weeks off then you are really pushing your luck but don’t give up - the fact that you have already covered the material once means you still have a chance. don’t get put off by the AF addicts - many are over-prepared for this exam and fine tuning the obscurities. remember, you probably only need to get around 65% right to pass. if you are smart and have a finance background, then you’re halfway there. just be efficient over next 12 days.

Thanks guys for the great advice and kind words of encouragement.

btw, don’t waste your time on CFAI end of chapter Qs - most are not in format of the exam, too many open ended Qs and will probably crush your confidence at this stage. stick to the above strategies and you have a fighting chance…

^ i actually disagree with FXjunkie - but its about how you test. i find the end of chap questions on CFAI books better; yes, many aren’t in the format of the exam (although 2006 Qs are), it tests concepts you need before you even look at the questions. if you are low on time i think that is the best route to take. my two cents.