Need advice

I have not read derivaitves, alternative investments, and economics. But I am doing okay with FSA, Fix Income, Equity, Corp Fin, QM, Ethics. Also FSA comes very handy to me as I am an accounting major. I want to study these 3 subjects starting june 1st. Any advice plz.

Man I’m not sure what to say…Maybe you should focus on economics & derivatives since they have higher weights. My advice is that you don’t have enough time, so whatever you do, just do it quick and efficiently. You certainly won’t have time to read all that stuff, so maybe CRAMMING some, but not all of it is what you need.

well… you know you should atleast look at derivatives and alt. investments. Mainly because it is not a whole lot of reading for quite a few questions, even if you do end up not retaining most of the material or formulas, you can atleast get a few conceptual questions right, and it will atleast make the elimination process easier. Econ on the other hand is a lot of reading for not a whole lot of questions, if you go over the end of chapter questions in the CFA book, go throught each and every question on the sample tests/exams you take, you should cover most topics. Since Econ is pretty standard. But again its all about one’s comfort level!

Study all the charts and graphs for econ.

I have read econ but I have not revised it, I am estimating 2 days will be good for economics. I am appearing from Pakistan and our test date is June 8th rather than 7 so I have an extra day. What I am planning is 3rd,4th,5th,6th for Derivatives and last day do nothing just read the ethics Q&A in the CFAI text and relax, bcoz any efforts that day will only make a little difference.

you are in teh same boat as I am, except my boat has holes in it, cuz I haven’t even finished Equity and FSA in addition to all the stuff that you haven’t touched. But I have hope :slight_smile: I am doing very selective study now. I have kept 1 day for Econ this coming weekend, and 1 day for Alt investments and Derivatives. I’ve lost a lot of money on options, so reading derivatives shoudn’t be hard for me, and alternative investments sounds like a joke. and hopefully I can start recalling charts from my econ major back in the college. In the mean time I am plugging away at ratios – the bane of fsa… i can’t seem to remember a lot of them, especially the du pont that i intend to do tonight.

hey pepp FYI - I thought alternatives was a joke until I couldnt figure out the problems in book 6. which cost me points. I wouldn’t take any section as a joke for it could be the death of you on exam day. You don’t want to say, “Man, I wish I studied that section”

Man, I am already saying that, wish i had 2 more months to prepare, but gotta prioritze right now, cuz only 8 days left.

when i did have the 2 months, I hoped i had 4 months! :slight_smile: now i would be happy with 3 extra weeks!!!