Need advices for taking Dec08 level 1 - Please help

Hi everyone, Congrats on people who pass the Level 1 exams. People who don’t , keep trying, u’ll make it. I have just finished my penultimate year and currently in the summer break before doing my final year. I am planning to take Level 1 in Dec 2008. Do you think I have enough time to prepare for the exam? I could spend 1.5-2months (full time) of the summer to study the materials. In term time (Oct and Nov), I have to spend time studying at uni as well because I wish to get a First Class degree. I think I will be able to do about at least 3/4 of the materials as I have nearly 2 months full time. However, I will be much more busy in Oct and Nov and think I can spend max 1-2 hours a day doing Level 1. As my memory is not so good, I might forget some of the materials doing in the summer and need time to revise + time to practice exam paper. My background: Doing Banking, Finance and Management Degree at Loughborough University, UK. I have studied a bit of the materials of Level 1 during my Banking Finance course. I had a first in my 1st year and a good 2:1 in my 2nd year. Do you think I have enough time to make it (please consider that I have to focus on my final year which may be already quite stressful )----(but I have 1.5-2months studying the materials now which is a plus). I have no idea how difficult Level will be so I need some advices before I enroll. Thanks in advance.

yes. i say its possible. but you need to skip school for at least a week before the exam. you cant just do 2 hours a day. think of this as a curve. youll know more as the test time gets closer how prepared you really are. the mock exams released by the CFAI will let you gauge yourself. some get 80s and 90s others get 40s

Yes you can do it singer. But a couple of advices for you here: 1.) It is a commitment that is going to help you clear it. So please do not think that sparing 2 mnths now and not study later can help you pass. You can surely try to pull it up in the next 2 mnths and keep revising later. 2.) Do not go for that 3/4 business. You can only pass - if you do everything. Do not skip any part. 3.) I too was in a condition to forget everything till the last day but kept redoing the stuff. It really helped. 4.) Mock exam is very important for you to judge your weak areas. I never ever passed on any sample or mock exam. The highest that I got was 62 and other people were flying in 80s-90s. Even this 62 was 2 days before the exam. I put all my papers together and analysed my weakest areas. I did not loose heart and kept fighting till the last moment and I passed. This was my first attempt and I am from a Non finance background. So you can surely do it. Only motivation will help you out. Wish you all the best.