Need advise on CFA Level II - Scoring low on mocks

Hi all,

I am a CFA Level 2 candidate… I need your advise…

I have attempted 3 mocks so far… and scoring b/w 58-65% … Is it too late to improve on my scores?? I have read through schwesers twice and done all CFA EOC ques. …

Do I have a chance to improve… Should i go back and do all EOCs again or should I keep hitting mocks, revising weaker concepts…

Thanks & Good luck for you exam!!

questions, questions and more questions. It’s not too late. I thought Q Bank was pretty good for L2, did tons of questions from it and it paid off. If you have access to Q Bank use it. If not just continue to do questions. Do as many as possible. Go nuts on Q’s from now until the exam. Don’t waste time reading - just do Q’s. You need to pass, not learn.

That may sound contradictory, but seriously, you want to pass. Question after question will be of more benefit at this point. If you miss a question, read the explanation, learn why you missed it, and don’t make the same mistake again. Do this religiously and you’ll pass.

Thanks bizval… that helps…

Good luck :slight_smile:

EOC, EOC, more EOC. Blue Boxes in Text, then More EOCS…

EOCs. And study weak areas again.

EOCs. And study weak areas again.

Dude I think if you are getting mid-sixties you are fine so just keep doing what your doing.

anyone out there passed level 2 scoring in the mid-sixties on schweser mocks?? i’ve been scoring low 70s - am i being paranoid thinking that’s just not good enough?

Last year I failed Mock, scored between high 50s to mid 60s in schweser. Look where I am now.

passme, did you suddenly get better, was the real exam easier??

I wouldn’t say the real thing was easier.

My friend who constantly scored higher than I did in the mocks and schweser practice exams turned out failing the exam.

It is all about how you perform on the exam day. I outperformed myself with couple of hard item sets that my friend didn’t have a clue about.