Need CareerAdvice??

Hi Guys, I gave L1 exam this Dec07 & I Failed, This was my second attempt.I prepared from Scheweser materials only, didn’t use CFAI books at all. Weired thing is i passed ethics on both times. I am currently working as Staff accountant, everyone around me wants to give up on my Finance dream and pursue CPA. I probably have to go to Grad school for fulfilling CPA Requirements. I have Finance degree as my educational background. So, here’s the question- 1) Should i give another attempt for CFA-JUNE08 OR DEC08? 2) If yes! then how should i prepare-Schweser clearly didn’t work. 3) Should i just forgo my dream and pursue accounting? 4) Also i am looking for new job in Finance- If anyone of you know, i can forward my resume. Any advice or suggestions welcomed…

In my modest opinion: 1. Definitely. 2. There is no winning combination. Try changing your approach, i.e. learning schedule, learning material… 3. Why? If it’s your dream, than you should follow it! 4. really don’t know about this one. Cheers, Milos

  1. Yes, absolutely. 2) You need more sources to triangulate the areas that you’re not learning well enough. I would seek out questions, using the CFAI text to clarify, more questions, and perhaps finding a study partner to turn to when you’re still confused. 3) No way. Also, don’t spend time with people who want you to give up on your dreams, they have probably given up on theirs and would feel better if you did as well. 4) sorry, can’t help here.

Thanks Guys!! This Definately helps:)

I passed level I in Dec and felt like I could have done so with only Schweser, but where Schweser really helped was the study planner. It spit out a very regimented study schedule reinforced by lots of qbank questions. The qbank questions were what really cemented the concepts into my head.

Guess you need more practice sessions, so that you can understand the concepts more clearly… this will also help improve your retention… With an educational background in Finance, this can be achieved with proper efforts! Try going through the CFAI texts this time… work out all the 6 CFAI sample online exams… Schweser seems to be a good one too… If you have a passion towards Finance, then go for it with a kill… kick away those who discourage you from pursuing your dreams… All the Best!!