Need Feedback on a Job

A friend wants my input on a job he is interested in with regards to exits, etc. I think it’s too far away from the action and do not really know of exit opportunities from what he has sent me and frankly have no experience in this division. I would appreciate feedback from the experienced folks. Thank you. ------------------------------------------------------ MANAGER, Investment Portfolio Optimization As a key member of the Investment Spend Optimization [ISO]team, the Manager will actively support the building of a common understanding of how to create competitive advantage for the bank through more effective and efficient management of the organizations investment spend portfolio. The role is expected to support the implementation of the investment spend portfolio framework including key supporting activities for the Management Committee and respective Senior management sub-committees in successfully executing their mandate. - Under the direction of the senior manager, support the implementation of the ISO program across the organization - Support ongoing support activities including the development of the annual/quarterly investment plan process, optimization, tracking and reporting - Creation of quarterly portfolio views, analysis, trending, variance analysis for review by Management Committee - Manage and support the project stage gatig process for critical initiatives with the respective business owners/sponsors - *************


Support ongoing support activities Support the supporting of ongoing support activities

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let me try another question: should my friend do an MBA after his CFA or CFA after the MBA ? What about CAIA with CFA ? And what about the FRM ? Should the FRM be done before the PRM or after the CAIA ? And what about the MBA ? Help

why do you want to help your “friend” so bad? Help? Is your “friend” = you?

I see sarcasm doesn’t go over well on Fri nights

Vince Mancini Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I see sarcasm doesn’t go over well on Fri nights Vince, I wouldn’t worry about that. On a constructive note - to me the key element of the description that was posted really WAS the liberal use of the word “support”. Sounds as if your friend is going to have the most junior role in the department. Maybe that’s appropriate given his/her training, background, age, aspirations. I don’t know. I would say that the role will very likely be one in which they have limited autonomy and are pretty much working under the direction of someone. Another thought - it looks to me like the “investment portfolio” being described is basically an internal one. I think that your friend would be doing lots of project finance calculations and reporting - a stream of IRR and NPV calcs along with helping managers from different areas build and maintain their business cases. There will probably also be quarterly “summit” meetings with the senior management, where this person will be required to create comprehensive views of the projects and report back to management on the total project portfolio. I think your point about this being too far away from “the action” - if you define that as being close to the capital markets in some way or another is pretty accurate. This looks like an internally focused position and, to me at least going solely on what you have provided, looks like something that would be better suited for someone from accounting/internal audit than for a finance person. As for "exits’ - I think that’s another good point. It might be tough for this person to transition to something more “market involved” from a role like this. Nothing is impossible, but transitions can be accomplished with greater or lesser degrees of difficulty and I think that coming from a role like this and trying to get something that is market facing as opposed to internally focused would involve a higher degree of difficulty. My 2 cents, hope that it’s helpful.