need Guidance

Hi, i am a software professional and want some guidance on how to start with CFA Level 1 preparation. I no finance background. it would be very helpful if you people can guide me on this. Regards, Ashish

study early, study often.

Be sure you want to do finance as the CFA has a very narrow scope of knowledge. MBA has a wide breadth of knowledge.

Read the notes, do questions.

As a software professional, you ought to know how to do this. If Microsft releases some new technology that is applicable in your software world, what do you do? You could: a) Buy the technology and start mucking with it using whatever manuals come with the product b) Buy books ranging from “An idiot’s guide to [blah]” up to “Advanced [blah]: An inside look into the depths of [blah]” c) Attend classes d) Convince a buddy to teach you e) Find a website that discusses [blah] and start reading and posting f) Volunteer to teach a class in it (works but baptism by fire) or whatever else you would do All of these are available for CFA exams. Suggest you do the same thing you would do for learning some new technology (my personal favorites are b, then a, then e)

You need guidance? This reminds me of this priest who married a vital young woman and, after they retired to their bedroom the first night, knelt at the bedside and started praying. His new wife walks out of the bedroom decked out in a somewhat risque negligee and asks “What are you doing?”. “I am praying for guidance”, answers the priest. “I’LL TAKE CARE OF GUIDANCE, YOU PRAY FOR ENDURANCE”, came the answer.

LOL! good one, FourCastles :slight_smile: can’t believe it took me so long to find this. hilarious!