need help desperately

I started to send out resumes since early August this year, but only got a couple of screening calls from HR, no formal onsite or so. Attached is my resume. Any advice here is welcome! I am looking for valuation, pricing, quant related job. really appreciate your great help! PROFILE Strong financial background in quantitative analysis, statistical modeling, forecasting, cost benefit analysis Experienced building working relationship with excellent communication skills Highly successful developing and working in team environments PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Enterprise Risk Service Consultant, FIRM NAME, LOCATION MON YEAR – present(1.5 yr) Client: xxx Supported the completion of xxx 2005/2006 10-K filing Performed calculation on income statement items, including Guarantee Fee and interest income. Evaluated Guarantee fee fair value measurement methods, including buy-up mark-to-market. Conducted quantitative analysis of financial data warehouse to test cost base sub-ledger which involves standard MBS and structured products, with SAS/ACL tools Supervised workflow; mentored and spearheaded colleagues; coordinated with capital markets and clients to resolve discrepancies Received “exceeded expectations” in the year-end rating Volunteered to coordinate service line Technical Committee EDUCATION M.S. Industrial Engineering, SCHOOL NAME, LOCATION MON YEAR “Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award” Recipient, GPA: 3.82/4.00 Core Courses: Optimization, Statistics in Research, Principals of Finance, Advanced Simulation B.S & M.S. Electrical Engineering, NON-US-SCHOOL (No. 2 in engineering in NON-US-COUNTRY) MON YEAR “XXX Scholarship”, “XXX Scholarship” and “XXX Scholarship” Recipient Published two research papers in network storage and pattern recognition, GPA: 3.4/4.0 Core Courses: Artificial Intelligence, Control System Simulation, Probability and Statistics, Queuing Theory SELECTED PROJECT EXPERIENCE Advanced Simulation Course Project, LOCATION MON-MON 2006 Investment simulation and optimization, analyzed with Matlab (Grade A) XXX-Technology (Research Assistant), LOCATION MON-MON 2006 Modeled the potential instability of Volvo truck chassis frames, analyzed with Matlab Manufacturing Center (Research Assistant), LOCATION MON-MON 2005 Devised a General Motor Tech Center flexible manufacturing system, designed with Arena Daimler Chrysler Co, Ltd. (Intern) NON-US-LOCATION MON-MON 2004 Managed program versions for the automobile simulation system Philips Lighting Co, Ltd. (Intern) NON-US-LOCATION MON-MON 2003 Improved the interface for signals monitoring system, analyzed with LabView PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION AND SKILLS Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Candidate (Level 2 candidate of Jun.2008) Technical Skills: Certified SAS Base Programmer Data Structure, Arena Simulation, Matlab, Simulink, SAS, SQL, ACL, C/C++, VBA, LabView, MS Access, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, HTML/Flash, Network Protocols, Distributed Systems, Assembly Language, PLC design, supply chain management, and working knowledge of Bloomberg National Chess Player, Grade One Distinction in NON-US COUNTRY, three 1st places in municipal Youth Chess Championships Fluent in English and XXX

It’s too much information, too disparate, too condensed & crammed - all at the same time. Seems to be no clear thread that runs through the resume. What is your edge? Maybe you could find something useful in one of those books that pop up on Amazon if you run a search on “resume” + “electronic”? Writing a resume is an art in itself, and not always so easy. I also noticed you wrote “I started to send out resumes since early August …” and not “I have been cold-calling companies over the phone ever since early August …” Hope this can be of some use to you.

Thanks! wawa, You are right and I think my another biggest problem is I moved from engineering to audit firm consulting (work with audit) job last year August, too little finance background to get in right now. Even though I am preparing cfa level 2 for next year June.

think about how providing this information applies to the job you are apply for and why it would be useful to the employer. if something is not included on your resume and you still want to talk about it then you can bring it up in the interview, but right now i agree with first post that it’s too busy. mbs is an important area right now, why not put it as the top point and elaborate on it. for each bullet use the sar method - situation, action, result - and quantify your result - increased revenue x%, decreased cost x%, increased efficiency x%, etc. think of your strengths or skills you want your prospective employer to be aware of and then write your resume to that. if you’re applying for a position that 100% independent work and most of your work and accomplishments involve teamwork then just don’t talk to it as it doesn’t apply to the job you are applying for. you don’t have to provide your job description, but the description of the skills and experience that you have done that the potential employer would be interested in. as an aside, and make of it what you will, i laughed when i read your last two points in the professional experience section. one last thing, the structure is awkward - selected project experience? why is that not work experience and ahead of education.

thanks for pointing out, Fuderman, cause the selected projects were done as intern or research assistant when in school. My real full time working experience is after graduation last year Summer. And I really don’t have that much finance experience, only 1 year and a half. All engineering before my 1st job, I feel like it is hard to decorate my resume with sparkling finance points besides talking about my engineering project experience.