Need help on determining the best way to study in last two days.

I did total of 6 mock exams, however I haven’t seen any improvements in grade. For all 6 mock exams my grades are around 75% (with standard deviation of 2%), which makes me feel less confident about passing the actual exam.

I review questions I did wrong or I guessed right after finishing the exam, however I struggle to see any improvements from exam to exam. What is the best way to study for the last two days, do more questions or review my notes? I also have trouble remembering all the formulas, which will make me lose sleep.

I’m wondering the same stuff.

Currently I’m going through the CFAI mock answers and just reading them through again to make sure I remember all the concepts. Also reviewing the formulas, my own notes and the Schweser QuickSheet.

Anything else I should be doing?

i would calm down/relax a bit. the fact that you’re always scoring 75% is actually a good thing most likely, not a bad thing. with the sheer quantity and volume of material, it’s near impossible to score really high. it seems you’ve consistently scored quite well, and if you score over 70% on actual exam, i would think you’d pass.

my opinion: doing questions helps more with formula style questions, whereas reviewing notes and concepts will help more with concept/principle style questions. if you feel you’re acing those questions already, but suffering when you need to use a formula to find the answer, i’d suggest doing questions on your weak areas (ie. which formula’s you struggle with).

Thank you for your suggestions. I know what I need to do now (review notes for ethics part and do questions for formula). Hopefully I can see some improvement.

Go over lists (fraud warning signs, hedge fund strategies, economic theories, and so on), and review Ethics one last time. Make sure you have everything you need (exam ticket, passport, calculator(s), pencil(s)). Then relax.