Need Help related to Statistical Chapters - Level1

Hi All, I am referring Schweser notes for Level1 exam. But somehow i am NOT feeling very confident after going through below chapters. 1. “Statistical Concepts and Market Returns” 2. “probability Concepts” Can someone pls guide / share some links/documents which could help me to understand the conepts like - Covariance , correlation , Expected value…etc etc. Thanks in Advance !!

Can anyone pls help me on above?? Thans in Adavance.

This should shed some light on the subject: If you do not know anything about statistics you could read through this as well: It is difficult to recommend study materials because you did not say anything about your background etc, but investopedia does a great job in the link above.

And if you would like to know more, you can read up as well: not sure how much it overlaps with the CFAI books , and some parts exceed the necessary info you need for level 1 If you’re interested in quants, it’s a great read though, and if I had till 2011, I would probably give it a shot. You can look inside at the table of contents and decide if you would like to buy it or find a library you can borrow it from. I’m reading it now, and so far I’ve enjoyed it.