Need Help - Research Reports

Guys, Need some help.I need some earnings notes from the most recent quarter.If someone has access to research reports,I would really appreciate it if you can mail them to me.I need the following names : DELL , EMC , HPQ , NTAP My email is Thanks.

I don’t think needhelp exists here anymore.

Whats that economic saying? No such thing as a free brunch? No… No such thing as a free punch? No… No such thing as a sacked lunch? No… No such thing as a quick munch? No… Crap, I can’t remember right now. I will get back to you when i can.


AHH Remember now! How about this. Why don’t you let me do your homework for you. You can just relax, party and drink, whatever you want. I will email you the final report right before it’s due, sound good?

I thought I read that you were in equity research? Maybe I’m making that up…I do have access…if you are a student at stern as your email indicates you should have access on your own though.

Just sent you some reports.

Thanks a billion !!! I really appreciate it. I used to work in ER but unemployed since Feb:-(

^Sorry to hear that

If anyone has any leads for a Tech Research Associate, please email me at Thanks.