Need help with a question regarding PP&E in Starbucks

Hi I’m just trying to get my head around how PP&E is calculated from Starbucks comparing to the PP&E formula which is Beg. PP&E + CAPEX - Depreciation expense They have a breakdown of how PP&E is calculated but it’s hard to link what they did to this formula i have attached a screenshot of the PP&E breakdown. I would appreciate any help! This is from the 10k 2020.

All Derived from the cash flow statement… the capex seems to be 1,483.60, depreciation 1,503.20, for 2020, Beg ppe is 6431.7(2019) and ending ppe(2020) is 6241.4

6431.7 + 1483.6 - 1503.2 = 6412.1 which is not equal to the ending ppe of 6241.4

Thank you

I’d bet that the difference is due to asset impairments from the operating activities of the cash flow statement. Some of those impairments are likely to fixed assets while others are likely to intangibles.

Thank you!!!