need help with ques on PV

Can anyone or everyone please help me… A co is considering a new machine. The machine can be bought for $600,000 and will be depreciated over 4yrs using straight line method. The book value at the end of 4yrs is $60,000. The fair market value at that time will be $40,000. The machine would be financed from the bank at a lending rate of 16%. Pymts on the amortized loan once a yer for 4yrs. Maintainence costs would be $40,000. Leasing the machine would require an initial downpayment of $100,000 plus annual lease pymts of $170,000, at the end of each of the next 4yrs i.e. is 5 pymts. The lease provides for maintenance. An analysis of the project reveals its internal rate of return is 25%. The co is faced with a marginal tax rate of 25% and a marginal cost of capital of 18%. a) Determine the present value cost for each alternative financing option? b) Should the co lease or borrow from the bank and buy the machine? Explain. Please show all calculations.