Need help with setting short-term priorities straight


Take a day and go look at the ocean, the forest or the desert. Do not bring a phone or other device. Discipline yourself to stay there for several hours despite getting fidgety and impatient. Once you cross the threshold when your breathing normalizes, blood pressure attenuates and you are not antsy to return to the car, look deep into the abyss and ask yourself – what is best in life? What things do you enjoy doing, even if they are abstract to define? What role would likely allow you to do more of those things?

Just continue your job search, but your constant job hop is not a great look to potential employers. Maybe do a MBA if you find it exceedingly difficult to find a job you like.

I am not a fan of an education route - Master worsened off my chances, CFA worsened them off even more. My employer’s gratification for passing level 2 was stucking me into controlling job where I can use nothing I have learnt. I am continuously being told in the interview that CFA is for native employees, they want no foreigners doing it. So why bothering?

MBA will cost me a fortune, and then what - hitting the streets? I am sorry but I am not in my 20s, I am much older and getting bored of hitting against the same wall.

I mean your current way of doing thing is clearly not working, you need to do something drastic in order to change your current trajectory. Did you do a one-year program before or something?

You’re job hopping. Your #1 priority should be a maximum performer at your current job for at least one year. Don’t think about other things in the mean time.

That is why I am thinking about leaving the country where I wil always be a third-rated individual. I am not in Americas BTW.

No I did both Bachelor and Master at the decent places. I moved to this country when was 18 so I obviously got my education here.

I am not sure the department will be there in 3 months, let alone in a year. Unless projects are coming in, there is not much for me to do in the firm. I am not a lawyer.

Fine, but it *might* be around in a year, and what are you doing in the mean time to maximize this opportunity? I’m just looking at this from a perspective of another employer. It’s a big plus to be inward looking in terms of career potential.

Which country are you in? How does being a minority prevent you from obtaining a job based on your qualification? I’m not aware of many developed countries that have this issue outside of Japan…



Which country are you in? How does being a minority prevent you from obtaining a job based on your qualification? I’m not aware of many developed countries that have this issue outside of Japan…


Really? I remember American sociology books from my Bachelor’s degree, the most cited country where the origin will always matter it was!


What I hear is a bunch of excuses and negativity, and frankly, you don’t want to listen to anyone’s feedback, so I don’t know what is the point of this. Maybe your situation is disadvantaged through no fault of your own, but you’re not doing a good job of communicating this or gathering sympathy (in case that was not clear). If anything, use this as feedback on how you should be talking to people whose opinion you actually care about.

I am commuting 2 hours to work one-way every day! Sure, I am full of excuses!

It is just hard for people from rich countries to imagine that a person may not be in a position to buy MBA at any time. It is either having a place to live in a retirement or that. I already took a huge credit for my Masters and it has not paid off - I saw no added value from it in any way except for the knowledge. I had the CFA as a guiding light for a number of years but after meeting people from the local society and interviewing with some local charterholders, I do not want to continue. I have no family to support me, I am supporting my parents because no one cares for them.

Again, I made my choice, thanks for nothing.

If anyone is giving legit advice it is Ohai. I also recommend you visit a mental health professional, whether you are truly disadvantaged external forces or if they are just internal you sound very depressed and down. Not many people/ organizations like to hire depressed types of people who constantly whine and bitch about stuff.

For many masters programs they state the program cost and then the avg exit salary, right?