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Guys - I need your help, your valuable opinion will help. I am registered for this June and am not prepared well, I am done with Corp Fin, Econ, Deriv and FI, m still left with the heavy weighted - Equity, FRA topics. I am referring Schweser notes and CFA material for Equity, FRA. Now, I am wondering whether I should postpone my attempt till next year and be well prepared or should I go all out for the next 2 months? I have a FT job and a family. Please enlighten me. Any Retakers?

don’t break your back too much work what you can but definitely give the exam. given Level II exam is distinctly different in terms of language and type of questions from the Level I exam you have been used to - getting a feel as to the exam “setting” is very useful, and also gives you a better feel as to how to prepare the next time round.

Yeah, I’d take the exam. Study hard, take it, and if you fail just register immediately and then start studying again so your work so far isn’t wasted. You’ll pass second time around.

I know if I was just now geting started and I have kids and work I can still pass… But thats just me, I come from a Wrestling, Football, Powerlifting background so I am a little bit nuts and got no problem looking myself up to study with every free min I get… Honestly I don’t know many other people who can do that. We actually tend to be seen as freaks cause we would sacrifice anything to get to a goal… So I guess it goes back to who you are, and there is no shame in not being willing to give up your life for an exam…

*I also dont proof read my post, lol, so many darn typos

It would have been great if one could buy insurance for CFA exam :slight_smile:

Unless you think passing level 2 this time around will significantly effect your life, I don’t see the harm in taking your time with the material and writing it 12 months later. With that being said, if you have the energy and time to study very hard over these next 2 months then go for it.

Thanks Guys…I have decided to give it a push…and take it from there…!

go for it @Abedmanaf I was expelled from my high school, the principle told me to go learn a trade… I went on to graduate from the best university in my country, and passing Level I three months later, and now I am taking on Level II right after Level I Defy the odds, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.

Gulf, You just said in the QBank thread that you were unemployed, but here you say you have kids and work… which is it?

you are not ahmadmadoff risen from the grave by any chance?

Qcubed Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Gulf, > > You just said in the QBank thread that you were > unemployed, but here you say you have kids and > work… > > which is it? lol all lies Gulf

Why dont you continue using Schweser for Equity & FRA so that you save time!? Whenver you are stuck in a difficult LOS just refer to the CFAI Give it to Max + Tawakkal 3ala Allah ! Nothing impossible! Goodluck!

i said if*

always give the exam a go, even if not well prepared you just *might* get lucky. i think your prep is probably back to front tho, imho. I started with Equity, then FSA - these are the biggest parts of the exam - most bang for your buck. I leave derivatives right to the end, and will probably just use Elan 11th hour for that. 2 months left - I can still cover a lot of ground- you can too.

Thanks a ton guys! this is motivational! All the best to all of you…I am giving my best shot and keep my fingers crossed. @ seaeffay - the reason I planned to leave FRA and Equity last is that I wanted to ensure that I remain fresh with FRA, Equity before the exams…I had made a mistake in L1 Dec 2010…

I would skim them once from Schweser ASAP to know what your up against… I found equity very easy, residual income took some time but now I find it instinctive just like DDM or FCFE…At first sight I was like I am never going to get this… I found pension to be easy as well, but FX not so much.