need mock exam answers

if I have time to do it… anyone can help me?

try on the CFAI website…

thank you zero…

where on the cfai website are the answers?

someone send me please? didn’t work out…

Download it from the CFAI site. If you paid and took the mock you should be able to access it.

Can anybody please post the link? They should really give us the anwers right after we complete the mock!

nyc, are you just referring to the pdf they provide for you with the explanations (but not the answers you put)? are there any additional info/answers?

vanessa Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > someone send me please? > > didn’t work out… lol. Whatever.

When you take the mock online , after the test is over, they provide you with a link with an explanation of the each question i.e answer key.

yes i have that…its a pdf that has: LOS, page #'s, answer explanations does not : actual question, the answer you put correct?


yea those answers suck