Need more detail

Just seen I have 40 months WE approved and need more detail for the other 70 or so I have. Do you have to withdraw your application and create a new one with more detail and have sponsors also re-do their part in the process? feel like it will be easier to just wait for 8 months to tick over and get it then

I’ll just wait it out if you’re doing Level 3 next June. If, however, you already passed Level 3, then I’ll re-submit the application. Since you can’t have two pending applications, you will probably have to withdraw and create a new one. That’s just my guess…, but I know you can’t have two pending applications. Your sponsors do not have to do anything again. Once you re-submit, the application will bypass the sponsor review and go straight to work experience review. You probably just have to be more detailed with your work experience for those 70 months so it can be approved. Good luck.

thanks for that, I just dont want to hassle my sponsors again, especially since one of them has gone on holidays in south america for three weeks.

I think you can use “upgrade my membership” under the “manage my membership” option, if you have been approved as an affiliate member. Then submit a detailed work experience again.