Need more mocks

Is there any other source apart from Kaplan or Wiley that I can buy mock exams/practice questions?

How many mocks did you do so far? Did you consider CFAI Topic Tests? does a decent set for a decent price.

Schweser mock exam are just not good enough in my view. sticking with CFAI all the way.

Thank you. I agree, I don’t think Kaplan is as good. I think I need more practice, which is why I am looking for others.

Boston Security Analysts Society does one. Have heard you may be able to access for less through your local CFAI organization.

I’d steer well clear of the Boston SAS mock…absolute waste of time…in fact, worse than that. By far the most worthless of all the mocks I did for L2 last year. Seriously…I was so angry I dropped £50 or something on it.

Half the questions weren’t even in item set format and I raced through it in about 1 hour and got a score of 96%. If that’s not a worthless mock, then I dont know what is. Pathetic offering!!!

Haha even I can tell I’m still angry…

@S666 What mocks did you use?