Need more practice questions

Hi all, I need more practice questions than the 20 or so offered in end of each CFA reading. I am aware CFA has samples on their website. However, I want to wait until May (review month) to utilize that tool. Is anybody aware of sources for practice questions or vendors of practice questions that don’t charge hefty premiums? Swescher q-bank is 500 bucks. I can’t afford that.

The Q-Bank by itself is $350 (outside of a package)…

Which level? For Level II, CFAI readings have more than enough questions on Econ/Quant/Equity/FI/Derivatives. I would complement that with Schweser’s Exam book.

CFAI L3 readings have almost no questions and none that set the tone for the essay part of the exam. pony up the $350 for the Qbank. you’re already paying 5 plus months of studying and $600 or so to register…do you want to do that again if you fail cuz you didn’t pony up the $350 now? (how am i doing at attacking your fear of regret? stupid CFgay teaching me these biases)