Need more practice tests

Gone through all the mocks on CFAI including the AM papers from 2014-2016, gone through EOC/blue boxes on CFAI. Gone through Kaplan’s one book of practice tests. Can anyone recommend a good source for more practice tests?

Topics tests on CFAI website?

Google CFAI exams from 1997 to 2014

Is 1997 still relevant? Maybe there is LTCM mentioned as the most effective hedge fund and Dot.coms as the most valued stocks.

Kaplan has two practice exam volumes that include 3 exams in each, as well as another full online mock that can be purchased separately. All are available ala carte. Also, as mentioned above, older CFA morning papers from past exam years are “out there” with a bit of searching.

i’m tempted to buy analystninja for the marking service -relatively low cost investment.

That’s enough. Just be done with it. You’re good to go.

hmm 1997 dunno. but in 2002 it’s like roughly 70% relevant so it’s like free questions almost. i just avoid the ones like gips and focus on the FX questions or formula intensive ones. formulas don’t change to much.

My bottom line is 2007. This is the year headed to last crisis and pre-Madoff disclosure period. It was a pretty nice time. Should be enough, otherwise there are likely regime changes in material.

oh ya for sure. 2007 is more then enough. but ya anything with regime changes is good to avoid. actually after watching a few schweser mock exam reviews in 2010. David Herrington actually noted some of those tests questions aren’t reflective (meaning they are to long). material tested is good, but they way they ask it isn’t right anymore for recent tests.

So if you get frustrated in some old tests, don’t worry because the questions were asked in a way were aren’t use to.

I was just thinking there are too many practice tests, the amount of topic tests on CFAI website is extensive…10 item sets for fixed income…9 for derivatives…e.t.c and you need to take them all twice for it to sink in + piles of AM exams…need to do all EOC and blue boxes 2x.

Thanks all

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