Need my Schweser books!!! UPS are bad

Those b*****d of UPS have been sending my books for the 2nd time in a wrong location and they would have delayed their delivery for more than a week now since they don’t work on saturday (although I do!!!) Besides, IIpaid a fast delivery fee to Schweser for whom it only took one day (bravo!) to deliver the books to UPS. The st***d girl I had on the phone from UPS said me that the only way to get a compensation was that Schweser would complain to UPS. Okaaaayyyyy! Only 4 months and already a week and a week-end lost. Damn it. Sorry guys but I needed to relieve me of it. Hope you can understand me.

I totally understand you. I’m a level III candidate, ordered my books last week, paid 60$ for delivery in 1-3 days. Schweser sent level I books… Now, they sent a replacement order that got stuck at the mailbox of my company because there are custom charges on it (that’s ridiculous since the face value of the replacement order is zero). Best case: I’ll have my materials on Monday after an additional 65$ expense…at least when I told them about this new problem thay offered to reimburse me (but probably a more customer-oriented company would have offered also the reimbursement of the shipment costs since I paid to have my books in 3 business days, not more than 6) Worst case: …

I smell a lawsuit …

i say you go straight to the CFA and ask for a charter. nothing else will do, i mean you would have passed had you got the books earlier right lol

I got mine the next day, super fast…

I am with you man… still waiting …still…STILL…

One simply has to order a couple of weeks in advance … Address: best to have a delivery address where there is a reception or someone available at all hours. When the UPS guy arrives, he’ll expect to find someone around within about two minutes – if not they’ll return on another day, make three attempts, and then leave it at that. Customs + administrative charge: Best have the money available (in small change) since UPS will want to pick up the VAT straight away. No change given. I usually write some additional directions to UPS on their web site’s customer service section once I get hold of the tracking number sent by e-mail right when the material is leaving the sender. This might be a good tip!

Well, Schweser has been understanding and they allowed me to access the PDF study notes for the week end. Thanks Schweser viktorv, probably you don’t realize how important every single weekend is for a person with a job and who doesn’t want to pass the exam by chance.

Thanks folks for your testimonies. For your information, after having lost the week end UPS has came to my home today but could not enter my home building (I was at work) because they didn’t have the building code. Of course they had never asked me for it anywhere and did not use my cell phone I had provided them with. And the cartekaer was there but it was too long for the UPS guy to try to see him. Sorry for you american guys but UPS make me think of the US army in Irak: they are strong, can reach any location in the world thanks to their amazing and huge fleet of planes but don’t have any local connections and just forget the last link of the chain. The post in my coutry have the codes of my building and know my caretaker. I received the CFA Institute books though but for a non-english native speaker I must confess that these hefty tomes are unreadable in 4 months.

I had my books delivered today, but it was really estenuating. Before going to my desk in the morning, I went to the mailroom and left there the money for the custom charges, thinking that everything should have been OK then. But I was wrong: at 10, London time, I check the tracking page and I see an exception: the receiver did not have funds available! What the hell? So I call the mail room and I’m told that the driver did not mention any package for me… I start going crazy, so first I send an email to UPS customer service and then I call them to complain. This is the right move since then they find the driver (hopefully complain to him about how he does his job) and have him coming back to my company. Finally!!!

MrDonadei …London time…custom charges… are you in london and did you have to pay custom charges??

Yes… on a replacement order with 0$ face value … But Schweser is going to reimbourse those because I can’t be charged for their error.

Happy for you MrDonadei. Now go for work, you have already lost 10 sec of review just reading this post :wink:

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Books delivered! At last! Arrived in my country January 27, delivered February 6. Distance between airport and my home: 20 km. Great job UPS. Schweser were much more professionnals since they reimbursed me for 1/2 of the delivery fees. Nevertheless, I still lost 10 days in my planning. Regards,

Another good job for Undelivered Parcel Service.

I personally got mine less than 48hrs after I ordered (I live in Canada)