Need Opinions

Hello everyone, I am left with 17 readings that include ethics, schweser book 3 and book 5. I have been making notes and not doing bad at retaining stuff. Did quite a few questions from schweser q-bank which i felt were way too easy. Am planning to complete the portion by march or first week of april and have around 50 to 55 days of revision including going through the curriculum twice and plus practice papers. Should i be fine or i need to do some changes in my strategy. Thanks.

you sound like you’re in great shape. stop makin’ me look bad. i’m about the same pace but retaining nothing.

Sorry had no wrong intentions bannisja…thanks for the comment though. May be i write that is what is saving me (from the retention risk) till date.

I’d plan on doing the CFAI end of chapter questions, even if you don’t plan on reading their material.

Yeah, definitely gonna make some time for the CFA EOC questions - I’m just about done Schweser Book 3 but haven’t touched the Qbank yet. Should be done my first read through within about two weeks, and then it’s all review and questions from ~April 1st until test day.

I feel Qbank for schweser is too easy. What i do is once i am done with a reading from schweser i do eoc questions from schweser as well as CFA books and when i am bored or dont feel like reading new stuff i do questions from Qbank. EOC from CFA books are a bit more challenging.