Need some advice please

So Gentlemen/Ladies - I am a first time level 2 candidate , dont work in the field of finance and have started my prep only 15 days ago for the level 2 exam. I am not the ideal cfa candidate in that I need to do things repetetively to really understand and execute. And also FRA is not my strong point , which makes me vulnerable in all areas of Level 2. Things dont come intuitively to me. That being said , I am attempting the Level 2 exam this year and am willing to give ina lot of hours in the remaining 45 days or whatever is left. My question is , I have not touched the FRA syllabus. Gone through first passes of Equity , Ethics and FI. Regarding FRA , I seem opinion from people whether I should join david harris , the stalla review seminar or the schweser review seminar. I know harris deals only in FRA and the other two are a complete review but I am confused what would be the best bang for my buck. Remember harris is pretty expensive compared to the other two. Any thoughts on this ? Any other opinions and thoughts on my situation are also welcome. Please remember that I am making an honest effort and certain personal situations forced me to start this late. thanks all -IT

If you must choose one of those, I would go with a cheaper course. To be honest, your chances are low. If I were in your shoes in fact, I would just study on my own and hope for the best because I feel like a few hundred dollars spent on a review course would be a waste. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But keep in mind some people do manage to pass with 2 months of prep as you are attempting to do.

You have time, give it your all. I don’t think FRA is as big as it was for level I, it is just uber boring. (‘uber’ is one step above ‘super’ in my opinion). Just keep banging out EOC’s and going over LOS

I agree with the above that FRA is boring and tedious, but it is do-able. There is a lot of information but it is not hard to understand information. I would recommend reading the CFAI text, work the examples as you go, then review the material by reading the same chapter in schweser, then work the EOC questions. That may sound like it will take a long time but the advantage is that once you do that, you will know the material solid. If you study hard and smart, you can pass. Don’t let the above people discourage you. Good luck :slight_smile:

…all said, assuming this post is not a joke, I must warn you seriously, it is a violation of the codes and standards to pass or attempt to pass the Level 2 exams with only 45days of study. Going through the EOC only, is not an adequate basis to pass the exam. You may not have the detail knowledge of the concepts…hence a violation of standards 1, 2 and 5. And finally, you attempt to bring to ridicule (violation of codes) the value of the CFA if you pass with only 45days of working only the EOC. CFAI recommends 300-400hours of study for the Level 2 exams. -:O)

@Oal29 LOL…that cheered me up. I would love to be the one to violate that code/standard. And no I am not joking. @tmishin @Reggie …thanks for the words of encouragement. I am going to get on with FRA and see how things go. @topher …thanks for the advice. I know realistically I am climbing a steep battle. But naysayers give me the ammo I need to prove them wrong. I do appreciate your post though , it does make sense. Still anyone have any suggestions on whether d harris is my answer to FRA problems ??