Need some advice

Hello, I have been working with a Big 4 Public Accounting firm since 2 years. I am a CPA And passed CFA Level 1. I want to break into Hedge Fund/ Private Equity or Investment Banking. “Front Office” My questions for people who are in these fields - 1. Do I have any chance of landing the above mentioned jobs? 2. And if yes what kind of salary should I be loooking at in NYC? 3. Does my auditing and CPA experience give me an edge? Any input will be really appreciated. Thanks.

What were you making in the Big 4 job?

(1) your chances are very slim (2) you would most likely be hired as a first year analyst, if at all (3) no. too many people just like you are trying to get banking jobs

hey numi… does that mean i should give up on those jobs and continue Public Accounting. Or is there a way i can break into those fields… Please help me on this because I am at a satge where i should only continue with public accounting if I want to make a manager. If not this is the time to exit. And I am more of an investment person than auditing. I started with them just because I wanted to get a better understanding of Finance more specifically financial statements… which I think is what an analyst really does at a PE . Right ?

Sounds like you don’t believe in yourself. Your CPA title proves that you are smart and diligent and have a very good chance breaking into the area you desire . I believe if you keep trying you will get what you want. Don’t be discouraged by others’ negetive opinions. If you don’t have any considerable financial or family burden, why don’t you give it a shot?