Need some help on my career

Hello, I need some advice on my career,

here is my situation

I graduated university 1 year ago major in Economics,

I have no relevant experience on the field of finance or any work experience at all (except working as bartender or server for couple years) and I took an year off to help out my parents after my convocation.

I passed CFA level 1 on June 2014.

I am currently having some difficulty searching for position (i.e. not even sure for title for the relevant position that I am fitted for, because of lack of experience, etc.) and whenever I apply, I am not hearing anything. I feel very frustrated at the moment because of this and getting lost even more. In addition I am losing confidence on myself at the moment…So can you give me some advice on strategy for job searching (i.e. possible titles for entry position) and maybe some thoughts on career path I can take.

Thank you for your time and I appreciate your thoughts

Do you have a clue what you want to do?

That’s a good place to start.

You should be more focused. :confused:

@s2000magician Thank you for taking your valuable time. I wanted to pursue careers related to equity or portfolio management, but I don’t really have any clues on where to start :frowning:

@Nikki Brown I am trying :frowning:

By “equity”, do you mean equity reserch?

Why equity or portfolio management? Do you like them? Are you any good at them?