need some help with my BAII Plus Professionals

I set P/Y to 1 by : 2nd I/Y 1 enter 2nd CPT but I could not get the answer right, not sure what the problem is and hope you can give me some help… Thx! 2nd quit 2nd clr tvm 36n 50000 pv 9.75 i/y cpt pmt the result is supposed to be -1607.50 but mine is -5052.39

post the question and we can post the inputs/help.

sorry that i didn’t make myself clear. so the result of the following is supposed to be -1607.50 but mine is like -5052.39 why I can’t get the right answer? Thanks!

You should post the actual question from the book that you are working on, it will make it much easier to help u out

actually, the key sequences and result is from the maunal which came with the calculator. it is more related to how to use the calculator instead of any questions on the book… Thanks for your reply anyway. Dose anyone know what’s wrong with the calculator itself or some sort of settings?

since it is monthly payments, set your P/Y to 12 and your “n” to 36 and you should obtain the right answer Cheers,