Need some help with this gig

is private wealth management analyst job a good job? is it related to CFA stuff. is it more focused on analytical work or sales? Please share your thougths if you know anything about this gig. thanks

anybody please

I knew portfolio analysts in PWM. It can be somewhat related to CFA stuff, more analytics/attribution type stuff. I didnt find it to be salesy, although I am sure this depends on where you are working. A lot of lower tier banks or RIAs have more of a sales mentality in my opinion, popping a product in there to fill the need vs a ultra HNW outfit that works more on complex portfolios and individual investment solutions. I dont see it as a bad job. I dont know that it is the best job, but certainly could do much worse. The logical step would be up to a jr PM and then a PM I would believe, and a PM in PWM doesnt make as much as other places but the hours and stress are a lot better (work-life balance)

tvPm, Thanks for the reply