Need some interview advices for next week

I have a risk/valuation analyst interview next week. I do not have much interview experience in this field. I am just wondering besides the basic education/work experience questions, what other questions should I pay attention before the first round interview. Will I be likely asked any detailed and technical questions?

I think that really depends on the level of analyst position you are after… is it a junior role and is it with Risk Management? If so, than probably not much on the technical and more on the work ethic and attention to detail. If a more senior role or in the FO, than you can be sure they’ll want to know the extent of your abilities.

My role is to provide middle and back office accounting and valuation services for hedge funds and investment management industry. I had no experience in this role. Can anyone give me some detail on the daily duties for this position? That would help me out greatly.

Didn’t they provide you a job description when you applied online ? What is the title and who is it with ?

Risk/Valuation Analyst with Fulcrum. I have the job description here. - Participate in building financial models using Excel, Matlab and third party valuation services and software packages (such as FinCad and The Yield Book) to value complex financial instruments - Provide analytical support for estimation of market risk level for portfolios of our clients - Assist accountant teams in NAV preparation process - Assist in development of fixed income and equity income attribution models - Collect market prices for different securities and monitor corporate actions for portfolio holding - Support analytical, pricing and reporting functionalities of Advent Software Geneva which is used as core portfolio accounting system I understand the responsibilities. But I have no actual work experience at this job. I just want to hear some advices from people who had worked in this position.