Need some Q Bank Questions

Hey Guys, I need some Q bank questions, or whatever questions I can do on my computer to keep my brain occupied until D-day. I would prefer not to use Schweser because I don’t want to fork out 600 bucks for a bunch of books I am probably not going to use (using the main books this time). I went to the Stalla website but it seems that all they have are questions for level 1. If anyone can find me a good job bank which is cheap but effective…I will be very happy.

… just to add to my other post, I have read that some people consider the Q-bank useless. Should I just launch into the Practice exams?

The Level 1 Qbank is a wonderful product; one of the best ways to prep. For CFA Level 3, however, the qbank won’t do a very good job of preparing you. You need to get L3 Practice Exams, Mock Exams, etc. Schweser makes a couple L3 Practice Exam books with several exams per book. Stalla maybe does too. Also, definately worth doing the free L3 exam (I forget what they call it) from CFAI too. If you don’t do a ton of practice/mock exams, you will get crushed on the L3 IPS questions.