Need tips to improve on Quantitative Methods

I did my June exam recently and results came out.

I did not pass due to a lower score on the Quant. Methods topic.

This was not unexpected because I did have a lot of gaps in preparations due to personal circumstances and change of jobs. I did not have adequate preparation during Oct-Dec 3015 and later had to rush up and could not cover the curriculum. Lack of coverage in quantitative areas (esp. statistics oriented) also meant that I could not even attempt some questions. I used the official curriculum and the Finquiz materials.

The main issue in my opinion was in Readings 8 - 11 and Reading 7 to some extent.

My key questions are

  1. Should I invest or buy Schwecher materials esp. cover my gaps in quant section? Please advise on the pros and cons or how I should go about preparing for this section more effectively and efficiently given that I have a full-time job.

  2. What is your opinion regarding the Fin Quiz materials - esp. the quantitative section? Alternatively can I rely on the official CFA curriculum for this section? If you can share your personal experiences too it would be great.

To cut the long story short, I’m not sure which material to choose from and want to optimize my time/efforts. Any advise or suggestions on the above would be highly appreciated.

If your problem is statistics, look no further and buy or borrow or rent the book called ‘Understandable Statistics’ by Brase and Brase. This is a great book.