Need to raise capital - Heath and fitness app

Looking to raise a million in order to fund working capital reqs, advertising, etc for a health and fitness app that has been featured in Men’s Health magazine, downloaded over 30k times, and is forming partnerships with professional athletes

Will consider private placement or individual investor. Any ideas or contacts that might be interested would be greatly appreciated! Pitch deck available upon request. Thanks all.

heath bars are my favorite

Only if this is going to be as big as Bitcoin.

Go on Shark Tank and show how the app produced your shredded abs.

lol isn’t it like the daily vol of your portfolio? come on, what’s a milly to you? I can only introduce you though since I need to get paid while staying out of jail. :wink:

A health and fitness app… how revolutionary.

way to opine and talk out of your a** when you don’t even know what the app does

Are you taking hundred dollar checks?

10,000 greatest dad in the world customized ones

Did you expect something different based on the detail you provided?

Take the loan.

“Heath” is the revolutionary part…

Yeah here’s the concept: You eat exactly 30 percent of a heath bar every 47 mins of your waking hours for 3 weeks and end up looking like the Rock somehow. Not quite sure how it works but it does

I mean, I did mention the deck was available and I’d send it, so yeah. But it doesn’t matter because it’s generally illegal to be an unregistered BD which is what you are if you raise money from investors unless you just merely connect the parties by way of introduction and nothing further. Too young and can’t take that chance so probably gonna skip it.

I’ll offer you $40 for 51% of your company

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lol there were times when i thought that guy was on coke