Need to skip a little

This isn’t ideal but I want to focus on the big stuff. Not missing huge chunks and am hoping it’s not a huge deal with what i’m picking. If you guys can help me out a little it would be great. If you think it’s a horrible idea then I’ll go back and do them.

Section 44 - Alternative investments - A primer in commodity. Going thru schweser videos found nothing on it but I have an old set. Is this a relatively new section or do you think I can skip it? No EOC questions.

Derivatives – The last section on Credit default swaps – Section 56 — Again no EOC questions

You think i’ll be alright if I skip all those two? Again I know it’s not ideal. If you guys think it’s a big mistake, please advise. Again I’m trying to focus on the big stuff now.


no one knows what will or will not be on the exam, CFAI has been known to test all over the board. some years people complain big stuff was left out of exam, and that the small minute stuff was tested heavily. other years, it’s the reverse.

it’s a gamble. you just have to decide for yourself

i think u can skip … if u just learn the basic definitions in it and the advantages and disadvantages …

mayb read the summary at the end of the chapter

Yeah hina. I think you’re right. I dont see an entire passage being on those chapter. Maybe a question in a passage to the chapter. But cant be a full passage.

If so, then wow.

The curriculum reading on CDS is quite involved - if you want to do something - focus on the formulae. For Commodities - its an easy reading - if you have done forwards reading then you know backwardation, contango and formulae. The only take home is that commodities are not correlated a lot with other asset classes and there is more details on different yields ( will recommend reading 2 pages on that). Good luck with the rest! I’d also agree spend more time on consolidating the big stuff!