Need urgent help on topic weightings


Since many of you all have already done at least one to many practice exams, could you please advice on the topic weightings that you’ve seen across practice exams and more importantly, which part under which topic do you see more often and in which part of the paper (AM vs PM) do they appear. I’m screwed and I’m thinking of doing the most importatn topics well. Please please advice. Even keywords or specific chapter names will help tremendously. I have 2 full days to dedicate to this.

could someone please advice?

sounds like you’re starting studying right now… or are at the beginning stages of studying … someone else asked a similar quesiton – check out the responses here:

Search for the old “exam results” threads. You can see the weighting for the old exams.

Two days in plenty of time! Please show up :slight_smile:

I’ve not done anything really. Did a few readings here and there (20% syllabus maybe)… I just decided to quit between the time I posted my question and now. I’m going to rest and read that post tomorrow. Right now I can’t do anything but think of quitting. :frowning: Thanks for both ur posts guys. Appreciate the support.

Why quit? You’ve already paid CFAI – at least sit for the exam to get a taste of what it’s all about. I know two people who bombed the AM session (not in a good way) but managed to pull through in the afternoon and PASS!

Go for it. Nothing to lose. I did that on level 2, and passed the year after. You would also be happy to know that, if you were to fail, you would have helped a fellow level 3 candidate get his charter… approximately for every person who fails the exam, one passes! Plus whatever you study from here to exam day is a gain for next year. My advice would be to study asset allocation. Easy subject, heavily tested.

Burn out setting in, huh?

When you say cleared on first attempt, does it mean first appearance at an exam and passed or does it mean first registration and passed. I’m not willing to sit this exam, because I think I can easily be prepared next year and pass it on my first attempt. I don’t want to tell employers that I cleared it on my second attempt, because I did the first two levels on my first go…and this year I haven’t even read over 70% of the syllabus even once, so failure is almost certain.

Please take it.

It will help the rest of us.

It will help you when you take it next year.

I don’t think employers care if you are a “passed on my first attempt” or “passed on my second attempt” person.

Go to exam, and do this

when i was in high school… we used to write “this is sparta” on our AP tests

just offering up some more ideas

Can you please it and help one of your fellow members here?

Don’t worry guys…I’ll drive him to the test center and push him through the doors on Saturday morning.

Hypothetically, there is a chance you could educated guess your way through the PM section and get lucky. Assuming 70% as the minimum threshold for passing implies you could bomb the AM with a 40% and still pass (in the off chance your PM is flawless)! More likely scenario, is you gain test experience and help a brother out.

Win - win, …in my opinion.

(Just be wary that some of the other forums members might hunt you down if the former materializes!)