Need video game help

Now that Sweep is back, I’m sure I’ll get some good feedback on this one.

So–we have a PS3 that very rarely gets used. We also have a Switch and a Switch Lite. (I should add that Breath of the Wild is one of the best video games I have ever seen in my life.)

However, now the son wants an XBox so he can play Fortnite online with all his 2nd-grade friends. Apparently Fortnite on the Switch doesn’t “communicate with” Fortnite on the XBox.

It used to be that you bought a console, bought a game, and went to town on it. Now you have to pick which console (Series X or Series S), download games, figure out which “package” you want…etc. Then you pay $25-35/month for the console and some games, but there are other downloadable games that you can download. BUt it’s not your console. YOu’re just renting it. Etc. Etc.

Can anybody help with this? I guess I’m getting too old to keep up with my 2nd and 4th grader.

I should add–the main reason to get this is so he can play Fortnite. And I want to play Star Wars Squadrons and maybe Battlefront. May occasionally dive into some of the others, like Halo, MechAssault, or Skyrim. (But I can play Skyrim on the Switch, too. Unless it’s better on the XBox. Oh, problems all around.)

Fortnite is also available on Windows, no need to buy a console for just one game.
On a side note, I heard many horror stories of kids using their parents credit cards to make unauthorized purchases on the game. The amounts are probably not much for people here, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Being able to play across platforms is becoming the norm. Nintendo just tends to be stubborn about this. Xbox and Sony have essentially reached an agreement to allow people to play online together. Nintendo will probably come around.

And, you have to play Skyrim on the Xbox. The mods are great and it’s just plain better.

Get an Xbox Series X. Game Pass is pretty sweet. I spend most of my time playing NHLPA '94.

Playing a FPS on a PC is way, way different than a console. Not as easy as “hey just learn all these keyboard commands instead of using a joystick and a few buttons.”

This is a general statement, not directed at you because I don’t even know if you are one. But, the PC Master Race can suck it.

Yea, I I hear that playing on a pc is better (though I don’t even play fps so I don’t have a strong opinion on the pc vs consoles thing). My point was that there was little reason to spend money on a console when you could play it on a PC you already own. As for joysticks, from my understanding, you can connect a joystick to the PC via blu-tooth and play it that way as well (assuming the game supports it)

It’s been proven over and over again that playing FPS on a PC is much better than playing on a console. BUT, I still hate it because I never tried it until 30 years into gaming and the transition is way too painful. Now with the new Xbox, I get the same (sometimes even better) framerate as a decent PC.

You can hook up an Xbox or PS controller to your PC if you have no other choice. I’d just man up and buy a new console. GameStop needs the revenue. Do your part!

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Why Series X? Why not Series S? I don’t have a 4K tv, and doubt I’ll ever want to read discs again.

I still have a lot of games on disk that aren’t available on Game Pass. I was even messing around with some original Xbox games. Despite what they say, not everything is backwards compatible, but a surprising amount are.

That’s the only reason. And it’s a financial commitment. Forget whatever you’ll have to shell out for the console (haven’t checked to see if they’re back in stock or if you have to go to eBay). You’ll need a rechargable controller and headset too. So plan on another $300-$400 on top of the Xbox. Oh, and whatever games you want.

I recommend the new COD and Goat Simulator 2.

Well, all my old discs are PS2 discs that work on the PS3.

Which begs the question—if Sony and Microsoft have agreed to let players play live across platforms (which I didn’t know until now), then why XBox instead of PlayStation?

Because Xbox Live doesn’t have as many service outages as PlayStation Network

If we are talking about current gen ps4 and ps5 outsold xbox by a a huge majority. I would go with PlayStation or just a straight up pc. My dude! I don’t have the ps5 but it’s a really good deal. The specs on it is basically an 1100 dollar computer. The price is only 500 bucks. Xbox has been losing for a very long time. This is known!