Need your advice on statement writing

Guys, I really need some feedback from you regarding

What do you think of it?

I have no idea what a personal statement is or why someone other than myself would craft one for me. But, as to your website, the amount of stock photos makes me want to buy a PC, open ClipArt, then smash it with a baseball bat. Basically your site just screams spam and scam.

Other than that, I have no concerns.

Thanks for the feedback.

Well, Ive tried this strategy for a while, now Im trying to come up with something new, but the vision on my “child” blurred already.

What would you suggest?

PM numi and ask him.

Tone down the colors and simplify the page. Look at legitimate business websites, then look at scammy sites, note the qualitative differences, go from there.

I clicked the dropdown but didn’t see pricing for “belated, insincere get well soon cards.” Can you drop me a quote on a card that really gets to the essence of “I hope your hip is feeling better, perhaps next time don’t get drunk andput the ladder on the bed to change a light bulb.” I forgot to send that one to my mother in law a few months back.

The website is an eye sore and the reader has no idea what your qualifications are. You’re almost better off not having a website at all. I don’t have one myself.