Need your advice with preparation for LEVEL 1 exam.

Hello guys,

I am planning to take a level 1 exam on march 2015 and I need your help how to prepare for the level 1 exam. I looked up the websites for preparation but it cost too much money. I would really appreacite any suggestions and ideas how to study and pass level 1.



I read the required readings first (took me two months, maybe longer now as I understand they have added a substanial amount of new information)

I read the Schweser books and did Q-Bank questions (about two months)

This was enough for me to pass the exam on the first attempt. Hope this helps. Feel free to message me if you have any additional questions.

I see such questions from time to time.

The truth is - you don’t have to buy expensive prep courses, official book is around $100, most articles can be located on the web for free and there are free materials on CAIA web site. That should be enough for you to prepare and pass the test.

There’s a minimum investment in books that’s required, if you can’t invest $100-200 in prep materials (which is really a fraction of the registration/exam fees), then perhaps you should not get involved with the certification.

After you pass L1 you will have to pay for L2 and them for annual dues ($300-400)… You have to decide if it’s worth it for you…Not trying to put you down, but to expect 100% free ride is unrealistic.

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