Need Your Advise

Hi everyone

I will be finishing off with my entire portion of CFA Level 1 (First Reading) on 20th November (12 hours a day) with a few revisions as i tend to read the stuff that i have studied everyday in the morning before starting on a new topic. I know its a bit too late but i had other commitments.

Anyways so i was wondering that should i even bother to practise the CFA Text Book Questions or are Scheweser Practise Exams Volume 1 and 2, the software questions that i was given from the Schweser text books and the Mock tests enough to pass? Since i have like 15 days until i give my exams (7th Dec) i thought i should master these instead of the cfa questions as i dont have much time left.

Eagerly waiting for your replies!

Won’t comment on Schweser - the Passed Tense exams will prepare you to pass.

Seriously, though, you should be fine with Schweser. Just go through as many questions as you can, take some simulated tests, and study your results. Why are you missing questions? That will help you quickly increase your scores.

Do as many questions you can, but for Ethics do the curriculum questions as well.